Monika Vaverová, DiS.


Monika is up for any challenge, and to her, impossible is nothing.


MIMO Space brand was founded by Czech costume creator Monika Vaverová, who utilized her experience on over 450 costumes. During her studies, she learned a wide range of design activities - from the craft itself, through computer graphics, design and art, up to production and marketing. Thanks to that she can provide her clients with a complex view of their project. 

Monika reflects her fascination with modern technology and sci-fi visuals into her costume designs. Fairness and high-quality are her priorities. She also shares her expertise via lectures and consultations. Monika perceives her morning cup of coffee as the crucial part of the day :)

Michal Šenkeřík


Mike has expertise in communication and processes improvement. 


Mike brings his marketing expertise from major PR agencies and small projects. His goal is to raise awareness about the atelier and the complexity of the costume designing and creation. He is not unfamiliar with tailoring himself - as a Viking Age reenactor, he sews the costumes himself by hand, using only a needle and a thread.

Michal Dědič


Photographer specialised in shooting interiors, reports and people.


MIchal´s ability to capture the right moment gives the MIMO Space costumes a unique form, which amazingly reflects the creative concept of their designer Monika Vaverová.